Spaniards float Japanese plans

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January 22, 2018
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April 4, 2018

Saitec and Univergy team up to develop offshore projects in Asian country.

Spanish outfit Saitec Offshore Technologies and Spanish-Japanese renewables developer Univergy have agreed to set up a special purpose company to develop floating offshore wind farms in Japan.

The new company will utilise Sath technology, which uses a prestressed-concrete floating platform consisting of two cylindrical and horizontal hulls with conical ends linked to each other through bar-frame structures.

Saitec will provide the technical know-how for basic engineering and produce layouts for the development of the offshore projects.

It will also install the Sath technology for offshore projects.

Univergy offers local knowledge developing renewables projects in Japan.

Saitec Group president Alberto Gardós Tobalina said: “This agreement supposes the union of two companies with very strong presence in the international field.”

Image: reNEWS