Saitec Offshore Technologies

About saitec offshore technologies

Solution to current offshore wind issues

Saitec Engineering’s R&D Department developed an offshore floating platform concept, known as SATH (which stands for Swinging Around Twin Hull), with a different approach (mainly avoiding to simply adapt Oil & Gas solutions) in order to obtain a high cost reduction.

Saitec plans to commercialise SATH©´s technology via a new company, Saitec Offshore Technologies, which owns its entire intellectual property.

Saitec Offshore Technologies is a spin-off from Saitec Engineering, created around SATH, the most competitive floating technology.

This new company, founded in 2016, is launched into the market to offer a game-changing solution to current offshore wind issues, by removing the barriers related to water depth.

Initially based in the same Saitec’s offices and structured with employees from the parent firm, Saitec Offshore Technologies has earned a deep know-how in offshore wind combined with the know-how built during the last 25 years in the field of energy.

Saitec offshore technologies services

Technical assistance and services

Main services provided by Saitec Offshore Technologies are the following:

  • Front End Engineering Design.
  • Quotation analyses.
  • Project Management services.

These services are mainly related to the design and licensing of SATH® technology for commercial windfarms, together with technical assistance during tenders.

Other services that Saitec Offshore Technologies can provide are the following:

  • Engineering & Consulting services off all disciplines in offshore wind market.
  • Project Management & property engineering services.
  • Consultancy & due diligence services