DemoSATH installation
DemoSATH alcanza un hito clave del proyecto con la instalación del aerogenerador marino flotante
VIII Foro de Energía El Economista
VIII Foro de Energía El Economista

Our 2MW el Proyecto DemoSATH is close to commencing its operational phase in the Cantabrian Sea at the BiMEP test area facilities, where it is set to undergo a 2-year testing period.

The operation to tow two miles offshore to this facilities in 85 metres water depth, was safely and successfully done by Windstaller Alliance. Their involvement included the tow, hook-up, and installation of the dynamic cable of the floating wind turbine. Through close collaboration with Saitec, RWE Offshore Wind, KEPCO and local tug owners, and drawing upon their extensive experience from prior projects, Windstaller developed a tailored installation method for the DemoSATH project.

They utilized the competence of all its three alliance partners for the project. Aker Solutions provided engineering and project management support, while the cable installation was performed utilizing competence and resources from DeepOcean. The main installation vessel, Solstad Offshore’s Normand Sapphire, was mobilized from Norway, equipped with cable installation spread in addition to its regular towing, anchor handling and ROV capabilities.

The entire scope of work, including pre-survey, towing, mooring connection, and cable installation, was efficiently carried out in less than 14 days. The mooring system was pre-installed at the test site in preparation for the hook-up, and the line connection was achieved in less than 3 hours.

The project was executed safely and swiftly, assisted by favourable weather conditions and excellent support from Saitec. The methodology utilized for the project is definitely transferable to other floating offshore wind projects worldwide. We are delighted to have contributed towards realising Saitec’s innovative and highly competitive floating offshore wind turbine project.

Guro H. Løken, head of the Windstaller Alliance.