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The 4th Annual floating wind Europe 2024 will be held soon in Berlin (Germany). This event is known for bringing together the leaders in the wind and offshore sectors throughout Europe and is aimed at an exchange of ideas in order to promote the adoption of offshore power technology on a worldwide scale, but also to further the creation of a network of peers from the offshore wind technology field through study case presentations, specific content roundtables and discussions with industry experts. Therefore, some of the main topics that would be included are the environmental impact, the growing potential of the floating wind energy market and the investment and financing opportunities.

In this event, we are going to be representated by Immanuel Capano, our CCO and David Carrascosa, our COO who will be the speaker for the case study titled “Concrete, the solution for mass production in floating wind” which focuses the main topic on the advantages of concrete as a building material on March 6th at 2:05PM. Use concrete in the construction of the SATH technology allows a longer device lifetime, lower production cost and a drastic reduction of carbon emissions.

Nevertheless, by presenting the case, David Carrascosa will also address subjects related with the scalability of concrete floaters, which means the design would adapt to every kind of turbine including the largest ones beyond 15MW. Besides, he will approach the issue of a strategy for CAPEX optimization and the experience adquiered since the first operational data in DemoSATH.

We look forward to contributing and benefiting from the knowledge of other entities in the sector to solidify the success of green energy operations.

Meet the Saitec Offshore Technologies team for the 4th annual floating wind europe 2024