Asia Offshore Wind Day
8th Asia Offshore Wind Day
Virtual Conference on Offshore Wind Transmission
Europe floating wind

Floating Wind Europe is our next date on the floating wind calendar. This virtual event starting on Wednesday 10th March 2021, will get a deep dive into some of the key points for the offshore wind industry:

  • The challenges and opportunities of developing commercial-scale floating wind farms
  • Examine where do investors see greatest opportunities for and risks to achieving mass production of floating offshore wind
  • Acquire strategic insight into challenges and opportunities in floating offshore wind supply chain
  • Learn how digital innovation can increase the reliability, drive down cost and improve performance of floating wind
  • Gain insight to the latest design innovation in cable, anchor and mooring systems
  • Understand and review the latest developments in regulatory framework
  • Understand how to addressing the risks inherent to floating wind
  • Hear from floating wind technology experts as well as those involved in developing floating wind projects

Saitec Offshore’s presentation

On Wednesday 10th March, Luis González-Pinto Barrenetxea, our Chief Operations Officer, will be sharing some insights on the Market Outlook Panel: Floating Wind: Market Overview and Future Trends at 8.40 AM CET.

As well, he will be presenting a case study titled Challenges and Opportunities for Floating Offshore Wind. Catch his session at 10:35 AM CET on the 10th Wednesday.

  • Technical and Market challenges for Floating Offshore Wind
  • Some pathways to explore
  • New opportunities for the scaleup of floating wind

When and Where

10th – 11th March 2021
Virtual Event
START / 8:30 am CET

Registration is open