Floating wind Europe 2024

La cuarta edición anual de Floating wind Europe 2024

The 4th Annual floating wind Europe 2024 will be held soon in Berlin (Germany). This event is known […]
3rd Annual Offshore Wind O&M Forum

3er Foro anual de operaciones y mantenimiento de energía eólica marina

We will be present at the 3rd Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Forum. A highlight of […]
WFO Annual event 2024

WFO Annual Event

We are excited to announce our involvement as sponsors of the WFO Annual event in Barcelona, Spain. As […]
EERA DeepWind

EERA DeepWind Offshore Wind Research and Innovation

Join us for an exciting session next on the EERA DeeepWind event dedicated to offshore wind research and […]
IOWTC 2023

International Offshore Wind Technical Conference 2023 (IOWTC)

The upcoming International Offshore Wind Technical Conference 2023 (IOWTC) is just around the corner. This prestigious event serves […]
South Summit Industry & Energy Bilbao ENG

South Summit Industry & Energy Bilbao

The B Accelerator Tower (BAT), an international entrepreneurship center in Bilbao, will host the South Summit Industry & […]
Blue Zone Forum

Blue Zone Forum

On 29 November, David Carrascosa, director of operations of Saitec Offshore Technologies, will be attending the Blue Zone […]
Spanish Offshore Wind Congress

Congreso eólico marino

We will be involved in the second edition of the Spanish Offshore Wind Congress organized by the Spanish […]
WINDMission Iberia 2023

WINDMission Iberia 2023

We are thrilled to announce our participation in WINDMission Iberia 2023, 2-3 November 2023, the ultimate gathering of […]