Floating wind

Why to choose floating technology

Removing depth water barriers


Most of the offshore wind potential is located in places with deep waters, where bottom fixed solutions are complex and expensive.


Offshore wind has evolved in a similar way to the Oil & Gas Industry, following an evolution from bottom fixed platforms to floating, initially to access new resources reducing the cost.


Key markets are markets that are essential for extending a company's market position, its economic growth and its globalization in a sustainable way.


Some keys

As a consequence the biggest advantage of floating wind is that it gives access to the highest resource sites.

Other key advantage of most floating wind solutions is the capacity to allow simplified installation avoiding expensive vessels. This leads to a cost reduction which will be particularly important for future large wind turbines.

Regarding environmental impact, it can be considered lower than bottom fixed solutions due to the fixation method:

  • Minimum occupation of the seabed.
  • Complete removal at end of life.