8th Asia Offshore Wind Day (25 February at Tokyo)

IBN Offshore Energy on Emerging offshore technologies (5 February at Ostend)
RWE & Saitec Offshore Technologies signing
RWE Renewables and Saitec Offshore Technologies test innovative floating platform for offshore wind turbines

8th Asia Offshore Wind Day (25 Feb)
Tokyo, Japan

8th Asia Offshore Wind Day is organized by Asia Wind Energy Association, the leading industry association for the wind energy sector in Asia-Pacific, on 25 February at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel in Tokyo and Saitec Offshore Technologies will be attending the meeting. Luis González-Pinto, COO, will provide insights of the industry in his presentation: “The rise of floating wind. A global and Japanese perspective”.

Asia Pacific region with significant offshore potential and new deployments expected in the upcoming years, is stepping up as one of the leaders of the energy transition.

Due to its large sea space and wind resource potential, at this present moment, we are strengthening our position in Japan where we have already set up a special purpose company in Japan to develop floating offshore wind farms.

Register: https://www.asiawind.org/8th-asia-offshore-wind-day-registration/