Bahía H2 Offshore. Development of hydrogen and ammonia fuel generation system with offshore wind and photovoltaic energy

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Bahía H2 Offshore

Amid the ongoing global climate crisis, decarbonization actions and innovations are key to fight against climate change. The Bahía H2 Offshore project is presented as a technological innovation for producing hydrogen and green ammonia as fuels in marine environments using floating renewable energy.

Saitec Offshore Technologies is excited to be part of the companies that will help to investigate and test this cutting-edge and ground-breaking technology. 

Sea of Innovation Cantabria Cluster is leading this project which is also involved FAEN-Ainer cluster from Asturias, Asime from Galicia, and a significant number of Cantabrian companies.

This 36-month pilot research and development program will require an investment of 7.8 million euros and has thus far received 5.7 million euros from IDAE’s incentive programme for the innovative value chain and expertise of renewable hydrogen (part of PERTE ERHA).

The Port of Santander will host the initial phase of the Bahía H2 Offshore project. This initiative aims to design, construct, install, and monitor a scaled floating platform, using solar panels and offshore wind energy, that will integrate alkaline electrolysis technologies for the production of green hydrogen and will develop the simulation of the Haber-Bosch process for the generation of ammonia in order to generate green fuel.

This initiative is expected to create new opportunities in sectors such as maritime transport and will help to create 21 employment and other ones that will be indirectly generated in the maritime, energy, and industrial sectors.

The program has the support of the Government of Cantabria through the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Transport, and Commerce and the Santander Port Authority.

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