Bahía H2 Offshore

Bahía H2 Offshore. Development of hydrogen and ammonia fuel generation system with offshore wind and photovoltaic energy

Amid the ongoing global climate crisis, decarbonization actions and innovations are key to fight against climate change. The Bahía H2 Offshore project is […]
FLOAT&M 2023

FLOAT&M: avances en la operación y mantenimiento de la eólica flotante

FLOAT&M es un proyecto en el que participa un consorcio formado por: Saitec Offshore Technologies, como coordinadora del […]

Haritza: Recovery of metallurgical residues 

HARITZA (Oak, Quercus robur in Latin, hard, with strength and perseverance) aims to persevere for the recovery of […]
EuropeWave PCP Programme

ACHIEVE project selected for Phase 2 of EuropeWave Programme

We have been awarded Phase 2 contract of the EuropeWave Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) Programme, a competitive programme to […]
DemoSATH launching

DemoSATH launched into water

Together with our partner, RWE, we have achieved another milestone in the DemoSATH project with the successful completion […]
DemoSATH final assembly

DemoSATH’s final assembly

DemoSATH final assembly is successfully completed. The transition piece, tower, hub, rotor, nacelle, and blades were mounted on […]
Monitoring for GEROA

Bird and cetacean monitoring for GEROA

GEROA project (Green Energy Research for Offshore Atlantic) will be our next step in the development of SATH […]
Parque precomercial Medfloat

Medfloat, pre-commercial pilot park in the Mediterranean Sea

We want to announce our interest in developing a pre-commercial pilot park with 5 units and a total […]
DemoSATH mooring installation

DemoSATH completes the offshore mooring installation

DemoSATH mooring, anchoring and quick connect solution is set for the 2MW turbine that will be tested later […]