Unlocking the secrets of DemoSATH: A TV program unveils Spain’s pioneering floating wind project

DemoSATH hits the small screen! The Spanish TV Channel DMAX shows the DemoSATH floating wind project, a pioneering […]
FLOAT&M project

FLOAT&M: Digital twins and digitalisation for floating wind

FLOAT&M is one of our innovation collaborative projects, and as coordinators of the consortium, we had the opportunity to present updates and the latest findings at the O&M Subcommittee meeting organized by the WORLD FORUM OFFSHORE WIND (WFO) on 31 October 2023.
Mesa redonda DemoSATH

DemoSATH roundtable – Floating wind capabilities: challenges and opportunities

For the DemoSATH connection event, celebrated on the 18th of September, we brought together experts from the energy […]
DemoSATH starts energy generation

DemoSATH starts the generation of floating wind energy in Spain

We are excited about the latest updates on our DemoSATH project. A relevant milestone has been achieved as […]
EuropeWave - Achieve

ACHIEVE project selected for EuropeWave’s next phase

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy, one initiative is making waves of innovation and progress. The EuropeWave […]

DemoSATH installation in open sea waters

Our 2MW DemoSATH project is close to commencing its operational phase in the Cantabrian Sea at the BiMEP […]
DemoSATH installation

DemoSATH has achieved a key project milestone with the offshore installation

The DemoSATH project has achieved a significant milestone with the successful installation of its 2MW innovative floating wind […]
Kansai Electric Power joins DemoSATH Project

Kansai Electric Power joins DemoSATH Project as strategic partner and co-investor

Kansai Electric Power joins DemoSATH Project as strategic partner and co-investor
Bahía H2 Offshore

Bahía H2 Offshore. Development of hydrogen and ammonia fuel generation system with offshore wind and photovoltaic energy

Amid the ongoing global climate crisis, decarbonization actions and innovations are key to fight against climate change. The Bahía H2 Offshore project is […]