Spanish Offshore Wind Congress
Spanish Offshore Wind Congress
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Blue Zone Forum

On 29 November, David Carrascosa, director of operations of Saitec Offshore Technologies, will be attending the Blue Zone Forum, a conference focused on the blue economy, in collaboration with Telefónica and Zona Franca.

This experience in the city of Cádiz (Spain) is the perfect place where ideas will arise and where the community itself will show its knowledge and share its experiences with experts, roundtables, activities, workshops, and networking. At the Blue Zone Forum, participants will not only have the opportunity to listen but also to think, learn, share, and build from different perspectives. Each person will be both an observer and a seed, contributing to the growth and success of the event.

David Carrascosa, Chief Operations Officer, will participate in the Thinking in blue: sectorial speeches on 29 November at 16:15 pm (CEST).

Blue economy focuses on the sustainable use and management of ocean resources:

  • The oceans generate 50% of the oxygen we breathe.
  • Employment has grown by 10% in coastal tourism and 25% in port activities.
  • The Blue Economy contributes to 5% of the global GDP.
  • In Spain, it generates around €23 billion and 691,000 jobs.
  • Between 19 and 23 million metric tons of plastic waste end up in waters worldwide every year.

We look forward to participating in this exciting event and engaging in discussions on the future of the blue economy.

Check all the event information on the official website.