EERA DeepWind Offshore Wind Research and Innovation Conference Norway

Collaboration agreement France Energies Marines
Collaboration agreement with France Energies Marines
WFO Annual event 2024
WFO Annual Event
EERA DeepWind

Join us for an exciting session next on the EERA DeeepWind event dedicated to offshore wind research and innovation.

Our Foundation Package team will be in Norway to participate in the Poster session dedicated to Experimental Testing and Validation on Wednesday, January 17th at 18:00 with a presentation titled: ‘Validation of time-history data through in-situ measurements on a floating offshore wind turbine installed in the Cantabrian Sea’.

Explore the influence of offshore environments on wind energy production. Our data comes from wind measurements using an anemometer on the ‘La Gaviota’ gas platform in the Cantabrian Sea, offering a holistic understanding of factors affecting wind energy in these challenging settings

The research, conducted in the dynamic Cantabrian Sea in Spain, analyzes the accuracy and reliability of wind resource assessment methods. They will showcase the significance of on-site measurements in refining wind energy predictions.

The findings provide crucial insights for the renewable energy sector, aiding in optimizing wind farm performance and energy generation. This optimization is key for achieving an accurate Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) model. Additionally, our study extends to a more realistic offshore operational scenario, further off the coast.

We invite you to join us during the poster session, where Saitec Offshore’s team will share insights, discuss findings, and welcome your valuable feedback.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn all about floating wind research. See you in Trondheim!