Collaboration agreement with France Energies Marines

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Collaboration agreement France Energies Marines

Continuing with DemoSATH’s core objective to gather knowledge and enhance expertise while operating and contributing to the energy transition, Saitec Offshore Technologies has entered into a new collaboration agreement with France Energies Marines (FEM) to test a monitoring system to compare simulation models and real-time measurements at sea.

The data collected from the monitoring system and sensors installed on the floater and mooring lines will be shared with FEM to process the data and compare model vs. open sea experimental data from sensors continuously. This exchange aims to assess the possibility of re-estimating the remaining fatigue life of the mooring lines and the floater of the demonstrator.

This monitoring system is developed in the frame of a collaborative R&D project named Dionysos aiming to develop and test a fatigue monitoring system for floaters and mooring lines of floating wind turbines. The codes and methodologies developed within this project will be applied to DemoSATH project.

This cooperation will enhance the capability for in-depth monitoring and and the definition of a digital twin solution for the DemoSATH floating wind platform. It will also provide a comprehensive understanding of the current operational conditions to further optimize the floater and mooring lines concepts for future commercial farms. Additionally, design optimization will ultimately reduce floater design safety factors, reduce floater weight, and thus contribute to lower capital expenditures (CAPEX).