Opinion: Offshore wind and rugby in Japan

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There is something that Japanese national rugby can teach to national offshore wind energy? Apparently not, but the truth is that there are many lessons that sport and, more specifically, Cherry Blossoms can explain to offshore wind energy in their country, especially in response to the latest achievements in the 2019 Rugby World Cup competition.

The determination, perseverance and effort are some of the main drivers that this renewable energy should take into consideration to success  and achieve its ambitious goals .
With an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, Japanese offshore wind may continue to grow and get results as positive as their rugby team.

Read Luis González-Pinto Barrenetxea, CCO Saitec Offshore, full article:

Japanese offshore wind can learn from the Cherry Blossoms https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-japanese-offshore-wind-can-learn-from-cherry-luis/