Rhinoceros user webinar now avaible on Youtube

ENERMAR Technical sessions
14th ENERMAR Technical Sessions
Global Offshore Wind 2024

Our colleagues, Oriol de Quinana and Mikel Baliño gave a master class on the use and integration of Rhino software in the design and modelling of the DemoSATH platform. The webinar, entitled “Integrating Rhino in the design process of a floating offshore wind platform” was a great success live, reaching high peaks of audience and a very positive feedback afterwards.

Thanks to McNeel for offering us this space to explain part of our work with this tool, it has been a very interesting and enriching experience.

Oriol de Quintana – Foundation Package Engineer of Saitec Offshore

The session was highly interactive with the audience and attracted general interest. For both of our colleagues it was a very positive experience and they appreciated the opportunity to share their knowledge during the session by answering several questions.

During the session, the modelling process was explained in detail from the early design phases to the final prototype version, DemoSATH, which is currently operational in the BIMEP test area.
Likewise, our colleagues presented the different advantages of the software and the workflow followed in the company to work together on large-scale projects such as the design of the floating platform.

Now you can also watch the full video of the session in case you missed it live or to review the knowledge offered by our team on youtube.