World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021

Offshore & Floating Wind Virtual Summit 2021
Offshore & Floating Wind Virtual Summit 2021
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World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021

Article: Hector Zarraga, DemoSATH HSE Manager

We have celebrated the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021 (WDFS 2021). We do it amid the Covid-19 global pandemic, which has impacted our lives and working conditions in many ways.

On April 28th, early in the morning, we had the chance to talk with some of the workers at DemoSATH construction site at Bilbao Port to enhance the importance of this day.

At the same time, an online meeting took place with all Saitec Offshore team members to present an introduction to the WDFS 2021 and to launch Saitec´s “10 Safety Golden Rules”. Management Directors also participate with their messages regarding wellbeing at work.

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The current situation has resulted in a significant challenge to ensure the safety and health of our workers during the DemoSATH project and in general at all Saitec work sites.

It is important to remark Saitec´s Management support and total commitment to invest and implement effective measures both in offices and work sites, to prevent incidents and protect all workers from Covid-19.

As our CTO, David Carrascosa, has indicated during the commemorative meeting of World Safety and Health Day:

“In March 2020 we took on the challenge of working from our homes, relying exclusively on technology to continue advancing in our work and to be connected. This scenario represented a quite tough task, that put to the test the way we have been carrying out our daily activity up to now. However, the result of months of confinement and subsequent temporary arrangements (shifts) to work from office has been entirely satisfactorily. Thanks to the effort done by the team, we have been able work side by side, with a fixed course, which has allowed us to achieve our goals and leave no one behind. I would like to congratulate all the team for making it possible”.

It is remarkable that since the construction of the DemoSATH project began, in October 2020, a Safety, Health and Environment Management System has been successfully implemented. For this to be accomplished, we have always had the valuable support of Ferrovial, our main construction contractor, and their subcontractors.

We can proudly say that we are reaching our goal of “ZERO ACCIDENTS”. In parallel, we keep Covid-19 under control, implementing very strict protocols and preventive measures at all work sites.

To finalize, I would like to end with the words pronounced by our Project Director, Jesús López-Tafall, in regards to the World Safety and Health Day:

“With regards to accident and incident prevention during the construction of the DemoSATH project, so far the results could not be better. Our Health and Safety department, in collaboration with those responsible for the contract, follows and will continue monitoring deviations – in advance- and implementing the necessary preventive measures so we can work under the best Health and Safety conditions”.