Unlocking the secrets of DemoSATH: A TV program unveils Spain’s pioneering floating wind project

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DemoSATH hits the small screen! The Spanish TV Channel DMAX shows the DemoSATH floating wind project, a pioneering venture representing a significant leap forward in the realm of renewable energy in Spain and globally.

DMAX is set to reveal every intricate detail of its development, construction, and successful operation in this awe-inspiring engineering marvel, including the constant challenges, hurdles, and difficulties encountered throughout this ambitious journey.

This has been an incredible journey and an extraordinary opportunity to showcase, in a more engaging format, the immense dedication and hard work that our engineering team has invested in this project. It’s crucial to share this with the public as it highlights the uniqueness of DemoSATH and its potential to pave the way for a global energy transition.

David Carrascosa, COO Saitec Offshore Technologies

Over the course of two thrilling episodes, “MEGASTRUCTURES IN THE SEA: DEMOSATH WIND TURBINE” is scheduled for broadcast on Fridays, November 10th and 17th, at 8:30 PM on DMAX. The audience will be granted a comprehensive look into the creation process of the DemoSATH wind turbine, a crucial milestone in the generation of renewable energy in Spain.

With this premiere, DMAX underscores its commitment to engineering-related content, a cornerstone of the channel, and offers its audience an exclusive look into a groundbreaking project that represents a step toward innovative and environmentally responsible engineering, all happening within our own country.

DMAX representative

After delving into the project’s details from its inception to the completion of its construction in the first episode, the second episode, airing on Friday, November 17th at 8:30 PM, allows the audience to witness the most decisive moment: the towing and installation of the wind turbine on the Basque coast and the commissioning of the turbine that sets the enormous blades in motion to generate wind energy. Every component must operate flawlessly to achieve the ultimate goal: producing renewable energy with the potential to power 2,000 households.

The centerpiece of “MEGASTRUCTURES IN THE SEA: DEMOSATH WIND TURBINE” exemplifies the capabilities and potential of an industry with a promising present and an even brighter future. After hours of labor and dedication, DemoSATH is now a reality, an engineering marvel contributing to the transition to more sustainable energy sources, harnessing the power of the wind to protect our planet.

This production, under the Warner Bros. Discovery banner, is set to premiere on Friday, November 10th, at 8:30 PM and consists of two episodes, with both episodes available for viewing on DMAX’s website following their TV broadcast and on Saitec Offshore Technologies’ Youtube channel.